A new mobile app called

Quick Care is for the members of the Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual and Trans community in Nigeria. The mobile app provides a list of pro-LGBT facilities in the country.

Quick Care also gives LGBT members information on STDs and safe sex. Its primary aim is to help LGBT Nigerians get access to health services.

For now, Quick Care is in the beta stage and it is only available on Android. Since it's in the best stage of testing, members can use the app and give useful feedback to the developers.

NOI Polls, the premier organisation for country specific polling services in West Africa released a Social Perception Survey on Lesbian, Gays and Bisexual Rights showing an increase in an acceptance rate of Lesbian, Gays and Bisexuals in Nigeria on May 17, 2017.

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Commissioned by The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs), a non-profit organisation working to protect the rights of sexual minorities, the report showed a rise in family acceptance from 11 percent in 2015 to 13 percent in 2017.

Findings also show that 39 percent of Nigerians now say that Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual persons should be allowed to have access to public services, a 9 percent increase from 30 per cent of respondents in 2015.

One of the highlights of the report was the fact that 17 percent of respondents answered in affirmative when asked if they know someone who is Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual- a family member, friend, or someone within their locality.