The Hitler cat shown above is just an example of such an instance. We've come across some uncanny resemblances between some popular (and not so popular) people and some animals.

From Hitler's cat, the Kardashian whale to the George Clinton caterpillar, this list is bound to make you laugh and possibly rethink your existence

1. The classic: cats (there are dozens of them), but this unfortunately look like Adolf Hitler.

(Pictured Above)

2. Hard to say: What is the real and which the wrong dog.

3. Richard Branson's animal likeness looks a bit grim

4. The agony of the Whale: Who wants to be compared with Kim Kardashian?

5. Both need a little work on their puppy dog ​​eyes.

6. Dog & Snoop Doggy Dogg

7. What a Schnurrrrrrrbart: The Dali-cat and her role model.

8. As colorful as a peacock Spinner: George Clinton also has an animal doppelganger.

9. Somehow related, the monkey and Adrien Brody.

10. What a scam: The kissed Frog was not a Prince but Madonna!?

11. Evil tongues say that the butterfly and the possible presidential candidate are quite similar even under the hairstyle.

12. Thick coat: Alpaca (left) and Taylor Lautner (right).