Hennessy is one of the many brands associated with rap music and Hip-Hop culture.

The famous cognac brand has had a fruitful relationship with the culture and the genre over the years (best case example

The latest development involving the brand is surely one of the best examples of its relationship with Hip-Hop.

So you know Young M.A right? She is the 24-year-old female rapper from New York whose freestyle 'Ooouuu' is the breakout rap single this year. Just like Bobby Shmurda the year before, 'Ooouuu' is the viral rap hit that you can't miss. Now if you haven't listened to it I suggest you do so now.

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In her infectious freestyle, there are two bars that are the most exciting. "Every time I'm out, why she stressin' me?/You call her Stephanie? I call her Headphanie" spits Young M.A. These bars can be considered the hook of the freestyle.

Now some smart guys have decided to cash in on the knockout wordplay on the word Stephanie. Lilac Company, a Florida-based company over the weekend revealed their new product, "Headphanie" Hennessy.

The bottle is an exact replica of the Hennessy bottle but the label of the bottle is pink instead of the famous Henny colour.  Now, Young M.A is a lover of Hennessy. Her handle on Instagram is Henny Hoes. At the beginning of her famous freestyle, she even name checks the famous cognac.

When photos of 'Headphanie' were released, rap fans on Twitter exploded and asked Lilac Company if Young M.A was receiving any check for the use of her phrase. Also, it was unclear if Lilac Company had also taken permission from Hennessy.

Even popular rap act Cam'ron stated his displeasure about some people ripping off an upcoming artiste. Lilac Company stated that they had tried to reach Young M.A earlier to no avail but they are now in talks with her.

With the backlash, the company has removed everything concerning Headphanie from its site.

Hennessy hasn't made any comment about the concept jacking incident but Young M.A has issued a cease and desist to the Lilac Company.