Nathaniel Bassey is using his #HallelujahChallenge to change our perception of live streams in Nigeria, permanently.

Every night, while many Nigerians are going to sleep, some others are staying up late, not to watch porn as you'd expect, but to worship, on Social Media.

On the 1st of June, gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey, started his Hallelujah challenge; a goal to do some social media worship for 30 days, from 12am to 1am. Every single day.

Nathaniel Bassey has gone from 3,000 views on his Instagram live stream, to 60,000 views on the 13th day. And that's on Instagram alone. By the morning of Tuesday the 13th of June, his Facebook live stream already hit 120,000 views.

But how does a guy who's never threatened Folake with his cassava or gone mad over a woman on a song, go viral?

1. You know we don't play when it's time to sing and dance to the Lord.

You'd think Nigerians like to pamper their data, but at the mention of the name of Master Jesus, all data must bow. Because if we don't sow a few hundred megabytes to to the Lord daily, how shall we reap His blessings in gigabytes? Amen?

2. First, you have to give it up for the simplicity of his message.

It's not cryptic. It's not fake deep. It's just straight up a "hey guys, let us sing and dance to the Lord" message. That's pretty easy cardio. Simplicity always kills it guys.

3. Emotional clickbait.

Think about MMM without the 30% and the missing millions. That's the power of feedback, or in this case, testimonies. Think about that time you wanted to buy stuff online, you probably scrolled down to see if you can find some customer feedback. The more positive the feedback, the more likely you are to make a purchase.

Everyday, testimonies are shared. In fact, the testimonies became so much of a thing that a new hashtag was born within this hashtag, #OlowoGbogboro.

(Genuinely fighting the urge to call it a hashtagception).

4. Sprinkle in a bunch of celebrities, and the soup is ready to serve.

From D'Banj to Uche Jumbo, it appears everyone turned up for Nathaniel's challenge. This begs the question, would the numbers would have been this great without the celeb factor? Without a doubt. The numbers were already great before they showed up anyway.

You know what's most amazing about the #HallelujahChallenge? They are only halfway done. They really are just getting warmed up.