Heidi Loughlim,32, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast Cancer when she was 13 weeks pregnant with her third child. " the mum who gave birth to her daughter 12 weeks early in order to be treated for cancer says she "can't" wait to start chemotherapy.

Ally Louise smith was born by c-section on Friday weighing just 21b 50z after her mother Heidi,was told she had to bring her treatment forward.

Loughlin, told BBC points west Ally was doing amazingly well  "its almost like lifting a piece of toast, that's how tiny she feels, she came out crying, which we really didn't expect because she was is so little".

Loughlin,a metropolitan police officer, from portishead, North Somerset and mother of two little boys decided to have a less aggressive chemotherapy to give the baby the best chance.

After the treatment failed,doctors told her to bring the birth forward because the risk in her was so big but bughlin said she would never do anything differently, she is due to start chemotherapy on December 22, 2015,if she is sufficiently recovered from the caesaran section.

Unfortunately little Ally Louise smith,passed away on Saturday. Announcing the devastating news on her blog with a poem,said " yesterday afternoon our hearts broke in two,for we had to say goodbye to you. Our love for is a beautiful haze, even though you lived for 8 short days we kissed you,we cuddled you,we tickled your feet, and I know again one day we"ll meet.

Today you brought a rainbow,the lightest of hue, and I wondered if it was sent from you? Our beautiful daughter Ally Louise Ally's arrival meant Heidi could begin a course of treatment with the powerful drug herceptin.

Sadly the baby is dead.