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According to one of such friends who lamented her demise on her Facebook wall, Vivian Anyaegbu, the pretty girl who recently graduated from the institution, died in a ghastly motor accident.

Pretty Jennifer Omalicha gone too soon

Photo Credit: Facebook

Read what Anyaegbu wrote as a tribute to her lost friend:

"Am in u need to stop this prank... it's just too expensive....Omalicha u need to tell me u are joking...

Pick up your call... Pls just pick it up.. you can't just leave without a word...u can't just leave like that...pls...

D tears won't stop can't stop flowing... still doubting dis news; looks more like a film trick; more like a Nigerian movie...

Babe, u need to tell me u are safe somewhere...Omalicha rest in peace...keep resting in peace till we meet to part no more."

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Jennifer Omalicha cut short in her prime

Photo Credit: Facebook

Another of her close friends say the deceased who was in her early 20s, could have survived the fatal accident if she had urgent medical attention.

May her soul rest in peace.