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The State Police Command reports that Metibemu stabbed Abraham to death after he refused to vacate the apartment following a disagreement that lasted over a week.

It was gathered that the landlord who has been arrested by the Command, had ordered the deceased to pack out of the place because his baby had been soiling the place with her faeces but Abraham reportedly told him he had no where to pack  to since he just got into the place but that explanation did not sit well with Metibemu who wanted to evict him by force, even threatening to kill him.

The fracas however, turned bloody when a fight erupted in the night of Thursday, July 21, when a fight ensued and in the process, Metibemu allegedly brought out a knife with which he stabbed Abraham in the chest.

After stabbing the tenant, the suspect reportedly rushed to the nearby Adekunle Police Station to report that he had been injured by his tenant but he was arrested and detained when other tenants also went to the station to report that Abraham had died in a hospital he had been rushed to for treatment.

A resident of the slum, Christian Nwankwo, informed that Metibemu was in the habit of fighting with his tenants.

“Abraham packed into the house four months ago. He was well-behaved and good-mannered and those were attributes that endeared him to us. His room is beside the landlord’s.

However, about a week ago, the landlord started complaining that he should stop spreading children clothes on the washing line. He also complained about the faeces of his baby, which he said was soiling the house.

He started threatening him to leave or he would kill him. We thought it was a joke.”

A tenant in the ill-fated house, Ndubuisi Nkegba, said the victim had excused himself from a chat to go to bed that Thursday when Metibemu stabbed him.

“Just about 10 minutes after he left us to go to bed, we heard a noise. We rushed there and saw that he had been stabbed in the chest three times by the landlord.

He was in a pool of blood. We rushed him to the Federal Medical Centre, Yaba, where he was confirmed dead.

After stabbing Abraham, the landlord went to the police station with a friend of his to report that his tenant stabbed him but as the police were taking his statement, some friends of the deceased, who were returning from the hospital, met him at the station.

They told the police that the tenant was dead. The landlord’s friend, Femi, fled, but the landlord was detained.”

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The incident was said to have forced youths in the area to move enmasse and demolish the contending plank house while the State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Dolapo Badmos, has confirmed the incident, adding that the suspect had been transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence, Yaba, for intensive investigations.