Pop queen Lady Gaga has filed a motion to seal portions of the proceedings on the on-going court battle between her producer/ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari  and another lady, Wendy Starland who are claiming royalties over her millions and fame. Gaga is obviously afraid of what documents the back and forth discovery phases between the two, could possibly expose; but why?

According to RadarOnline, the superstar is scared that documents that contain sensitive financial information regarding a settlement she entered into with her ex, Rob Fusari years ago, could show up causing her more than just losing some cash.

Reports claim that in 2010 Fusari filed a $30.5 million lawsuit against Gaga claiming he was denied a 20 percent share of her song royalties for hits he claimed he co-wrote like Paparazzi, Beautiful, Dirty, and Rich — also claiming he helped transformed Stefani Germanotta (her legal name) into LadyGaga. But now Fusari is fighting off a lawsuit himself filed by Wendy Starland, who claims she helped him discover the pop star and wants her commission.

Afraid of what the above battle could bring out, Gaga has filed another document - filed on her behalf by attorney Sandra A. Crawshaw-Sparks in New Jersey – stating that details involved in the settlement agreement she made with Fusari are not to be revealed.

According to RadarOnline, "Gaga claims in the court papers that the strictly confidential agreement contains information that if exposed, would damage her career. Crawshaw-Sparks asked the records be sealed before they are filed and the judge has yet to respond with a ruling."

What do you guys think Gaga is truly afraid of??

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