The excruciating economic condition being faced by Nigeria has reduced many to scavengers as many

The pathetic scenario was captured by a correspondent of Citadel Daily Nigeria who had visited Niger State on a fact-finding mission and was surprised to see this young boy scavenging for food from dustbins.

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The hungry boy, according to the journalist, was seen rummaging through the refuse bins at Aluminium village, Suleja area of the state looking for something to eat.

He was seen taking out a used pack of food from a bin and began eating the remains of the food after which he went to other refuse bins in the area looking for what to eat.

The journalist said he was so moved by the situation of the boy that he had to give him some money to go and get food at a nearby restaurant.

This is how the journalist captured the pathetic scene:

"I was just seated outside today at Aluminium village, Suleja, Niger State, when suddenly, I saw this young guy put his hands in the waste bin and brought out a disposed takeaway pack and started eating the remains. I had to secretly snap him.

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Silver or gold, I did not have but I gave him the little I had to purchase food from any nearby mama put.

God help your children."