Pastor Okotie, founder of the Household of God Church, Oregun, Lagos, is a man of many talents: Pastor. Writer. Artist. Politician. With his likable aura, raffish looks, coupled with the gift of presence and eloquence, he is loved and admired by many—but he is no stranger to controversy.

Chris Okotie made it big as a solo pop artist in the early ‘80s before becoming a pastor and establishing the Household of God ministry in 1987. But it seems he has never left the celebrity lifestyle behind entirely, especially when it comes to his relationships with women—including his fair share of scandals.

His first marriage also ended for unspecified reasons. His decision to marry the beautiful Stephanie Henshaw, a widow and mother of three, was met with some controversy inside his church—including, according to speculation, resentment among women who themselves had hoped to become the next Mrs. Okotie.

If we take the pastor at his word that there is “no going back” in the dissolution of his marriage, it will have ended after just four years. This raises many questions for his congregants and others who have followed his teachings and career. Doesn’t the Good Book preach against divorce? What makes differences “irreconcilable”? And does “no going back” mean this man of God has ruled out reconciliation, forgiveness?

Shouldn’t leadership be demonstrated by example?

A website purporting to be the pastor’s personal website,, features news of the Okoties celebrating their wedding anniversary. A link to information about Mrs. Stephanie Okotie was apparently never finished. It reads, simply, “Coming Soon.”