They had reported on Tuesday that Olokodana, said to be a member of the Buccaneers Confraternity, drowned a childhood friend, Awosiga, in a swimming pool at the Royal Hotel in the Isheri, Ojodu Berger area of Lagos during a birthday party.

It was reported that the cause of the killing, which took place on Saturday, June 13, was because Awosiga, 20, refused to join the cult group.

It was learnt that Olokodana, who was still in hiding with members of his cult group, had made calls to some residents, threatening to mobilise his cult group to kill more people.

A resident, who gave his name only as Rashidi, told our correspondent that Olokodana called, saying his gang was not afraid of the police. He was quoted to have said the cult members were planning to come back for residents who narrated Awosiga’s killing to the press.

He was quoted as saying, “We are not a cult group that fights and cannot come back. We are coming back to kill more people. You have the guts to go and put me on the newspaper.”

It was learnt that the two cult members, who were arrested by the police the day after Awosiga’s killing, had come to spy on the area when they were apprehended by residents.

A resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Awosiga was the third person in the area who the cultists would kill in recent times for refusing to join their group.

He said, “The second day after the man was killed was a Sunday. In the afternoon, we saw two young men entering a church near Awosiga’s family house. They were dressed in Yellow shirts and caps. They were caught eavesdropping on people’s conversations.

“When we challenged them, they attempted to run away, but the residents rounded them up and took them to the Mowe Police Station.

“The cult group’s threats are very real. Awosiga is the third person they would kill in the Mowe area for refusing to join their group. They have hideouts in the Lotto area, and they boasted that even the police could not arrest them. The birthday party that Olokodana held was actually their yearly anniversary and they must kill someone at the party to mark the event.”

At the Awosiga’s family house, the deceased’s mother, Ololade, told our correspondent that her son was not a violent child, adding that the police should investigate the matter, and bring the culprits to book.

She said, “He is my second son. After he finished secondary school, he learnt how to lay tiles so he could work and save money to gain admission for further studies. He and his boss were going to several places to work in Ogun and Lagos states.

“He was not a violent boy. I cannot express my sorrow. I lost his father about 10 years ago. My children have been my succour. I want the police to fish out his killers.”