Former Hip hop singer turned celebrity God, Rev. Chris Okotie, is not a man to stay away from creating controversies and this time, he has stirred the hornet’s nest by taking on the world’s most popular church, the Roman Catholic Church, saying that the head of the church, Pope Francis, is an anti-Christ and that the church itself is “a counterfeit church set up by Satan” and that Catholics “bow to idols and crucify Jesus every Sunday when they eat bread claiming they are eating Jesus’ body,” and that they will all go to hell.

The founder and GeneralOverseer of the HouseholdofGodChurch, located at Oregun, Ikeja, LagosState, was quoted while preaching in his church, that the Catholics “are not Christians and have never been. They don’t know Jesus. They believe that when they eat bread on Sundays, they are eating the body of Jesus. It’s ritual,” Okotie allegedly said.

The 55yearsoldRev. Okotie, who has tried several times to become Nigeria’s president, albeit unsuccessfully, ostensibly declared; “The Pope is an anti-Christ and the CatholicChurch will soon declare for Satan. This is the end of times. They don’t believe in heaven. They believe in purgatory; the purgatory that they invented.”

The one-time pop star turned preacher, also did not spare a word for his long-time adversary, ProphetT.B. Joshua, the founder of the SynagogueChurchofAllNations, calling him “the son of the devil and his followers will go straight to hell.”