Justine Sacco is most likely the most talked about woman right now, unfortunately not for heroic reason. Right before Justine decided to stupidly pick up her smartphone and post a tweet that cost her her job and reputation she worked as a respectable PR agent  for InterActiveCorp, the New York media conglomerate run by Barry Diller. IAC owns the Daily Beast, Vimeo, About.com, Match.com and Ask.com, among many others.

Right before she got on a plane from London to South Africa, she posted this tweet :

''Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!'

IAC had to quickly go into damage control mode and released statement while she was  still in the air saying "

After she must have realised her fatal error Justine deleted her Twitter account and was also fired from her place of work. It was a racist joke of gigantic stupidity and totally foolish move on her path.

Who is going to hire her now?