For years people have reasoned that if they consume oily foods they get acne but recent research disprove this idea and said food has nothing to do with acne.

Acne is a very stubborn skin disorder that generally develops in adolescence may sometimes come in adulthood as well.

Truth is that the real cause of pimples is unknown and the process by which a pimple develops is highly intricate.

A pore sometimes becomes blocked and sebum (oil) which normally drains to the surface of the skin gets trapped and bacteria begin to grow - there comes pimples.

In layman's terms is not the peanut that causes the pimples. Rather, it is the blockage of skin pores which swell when the natural oil does not find an exit path.

Which is why some heavy oil and peanut eaters do not have acne at all and some people who stay away from oily foods are plagues by it.

Acne is not only on the face as people also get it on the body or back and all may lead to scarification if not properly treated.

Now, why do people think oily foods, especially peanut causes pimples - is it because of the oily substance that comes out of broken pimples?

As you know peanut is a bit oily seed and peanut butter is produced from that oil. It is 100% vegetarian.

All the fatty acids in peanuts are 100% vegetable in origin and there are no hormones or growth factors which can affect the human body.

Peanuts do not have the properties that can aggravate pimples, unlike some foods of animal origin which have hormones along with fatty acids.

So the link between peanut butter and acne is almost certainly a myth.

In fact, researchers now say that the peanut, and peanut butter, can reduce dark spots in your face If you don’t eat peanuts, and you want to clear dark spots, you can apply peanut butter on your face.

The bottom line is that you get pimples because of all these things your body is trying desperately to eliminate the toxins and they end up bumping your skin as pimples.

NOTE: Too much of peanuts or any oily food for that matter is BAD for your body, not just for pimples sake.