But for God's intervention, a 51-year-old trader, Sarah Bakare, who resides at Oluwole Street in the Ejigbo area of Lagos State, would have been dead now after her landlady,  Madam Lydia Opetola, led her seven children to beat her up and almost hacked her to death because she complained that one of the landlady's sons had a habit of peeping at her whenever she was taking her bath.

The mother of three who said she only packed into the apartment last year, narrated that things got to a head when Opetola, ordered her children to beat her up and kill her.

“A few months after I moved into the house, I began to experience different attacks from the landlady, Madam Lydia Opetola, and her children.

It all started in the month of March last year when I noticed that one of the landlady’s sons was fond of peeping through the door each time I was in the bathroom.

At first, I ignored it but when it continued, I brought the issue to the notice of his mother. Instead of calling her son to order, she accused me of not allowing her children to live in peace in their father’s house.

From the peeping scenario, the landlady’s children began to turn off the source of water which also happened each time I was in the bathroom as midway, the water would stop flowing and I would have to come out of the bathroom with soap all over my body.

One Sunday, I returned from church and discovered that that they had inserted sticks in the pipes outside and blocked flow of water to my bathroom and kitchen. At this point, I invited some landlords in the area to come and see what was happening and that the attacks and humiliation had become unbearable for me. Seven of the landlady’s children attacked me for calling the landlords and allowing them into the compound.

That day, I went to fetch water from the tap outside my apartment. Immediately I opened the tap, one of the landlady’s sons, Folorunsho, hit me with a plank and I fell down. Before I realised what happened to me, all the seven descended on me, hitting me with different objects.

I started shouting for help but as I was shouting, they  put on their generator so that people would not hear my voice.

While this was going on, the landlady kept threatening that they would kill and bury me inside the compound and nobody would know. They also attacked my daughter who ran to my aid when she heard my cries. One of them broke a bottle which they used to stab me on the face."