A private driver identified as

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The 18-year-old Adenuga told the police that he stole the credit card when he was washing his boss's car and ran the ATM through a software, Credit Card Revealer (CCR), from where he cloned it and went on his stealing spree.

After cloning the card, Adenuga reportedly generated a new pin for it before handing it over to his syndicates, Opeyemi Adewale, 18, and Jeremaiah Titoye, 29, who used it to shop at Mega Plaza and Shoprite as well as withdrawing the monies from the accounts.

In his confession during his parade at the State Command headquarters in Ikeja, Adenuga said:

“Before I started driving my Oga, I used to be a fraudster. I went to a computer institute and so, I developed the device which we used to clone credit cards.

Honestly, my boss has been very good to me. It’s not up to a year that I started working for him but he has always treated me kindly. I know I should have returned the card to him when I saw it but I just wanted to test the software whether it will work.

And when I tried it and it worked, I knew that I could not use it myself because of the surveillance cameras at the ATM points.

So, I sent them and asked them to withdraw N200, 000 which they did. The following day, I told them to go to Mega Plaza and buy Apple laptop, phones, wristwatches and I also told them to go to Shoprite on Victoria Island and the one at Ikeja for shopping.

Everything they bought amounted to N2.7 million. I did not work with any telecommunication company to bar my boss’ calls and text messages. I blocked his calls and SMS on his phone when I had access to it."

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"That way, he was not able to make calls or send SMS for about three days, until he went to the subscriber to complain.

I feel bad and I regret my actions. I am willing to pay back all that I stole from my boss. I am very sorry about my action,” Adenuga pleaded.