19-yr-old boy kills mate over chair

A teenager has been arrested for allegedly beating his close friend to death.

Toluchukwu Anosike

The Lagos State police has arrested a 19-year-old boy, Toluchukwu Anosike, a sales apprentice, for allegedly beating his friend and fellow apprentice, Nonso Monyasa, to death during a struggle for a seat.

The sad incident which happened on Sunday, April 10, 2015, at the Abule Egba area of the state, threw the whole area into confusion as the two boys were said to be close friends for over two years, until the devil stepped in to cause a rift between them.

According to those who knew their closeness, Anoskie and the 15-year-old Monsaya, were said to be fond of each other and usually ate and played together but on that day, Monyasa was said to have asked for the seat of the suspect, and after playfully punching the suspect on the lap, he took offence and an argument ensued between them.

The argument degenerated to a fight and the Enugu State suspect, allegedly gave the late Imo State born Monyasa a heavy punch in the belly.

Anoskie who was immediately arrested, said he only punched his friend once and that it was not the first time they had engaged in such playful fights.

The tearful suspect who begged for forgiveness, narrated what transpired on the unfortunate day:

"I have always lived in the village. My father died when I was in primary five. When I finished my secondary school in the village in 2013, my brother, Anayo, brought me to Lagos so I could learn a trade.

I met Nonso (Monyasa) here when I started work as a sales apprentice and we became good friends. But on Sunday, Ejike, who was Nonso’s boss, came to pick a seat in my shop and asked Nonso to take my seat for himself.

Nonso came to me and asked that I should give him my seat and when I refused, he punched me in the lap and knocked my phone.

When I checked my phone, it was switched off off and I told him my phone had developed a fault because of the punch he gave me, but he walked away.

I went back to my seat and told him the next time he did that, I would beat him up. He said I could not beat him.

He came and hit me with blows, and I gave him a punch in the stomach. He held his belly and went inside their shop."

When Monyasa's condition grew worse, his boss, Ejike, took him home but 30 minutes later, the boss drove back to the shop with the victim who was still in pains and Anosike was also picked up en route to the hospital.

But unfortunately, Monyasa died on the way and was confirmed dead at the hospital, with the doctor saying he died from internal bleeding.

The police were alerted and the teenager was arrested.

A cousin of the victim, Ifeanyi Nwokemodo, however said that the victim's family in the village are unwilling to pursue the case with the police.

"When we rushed him to the hospital, the doctor said he suffered internal bleeding, which killed him.

The boy’s family have been informed in the village and they told me to withdraw the case because they are not interested in pursuing court matters."


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