Chukwuduneme Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans is no longer in Lagos.

Saturday Sun reports that the billionaire kidnapper has been moved to Abuja according to some senior police officials.

Reportedly, Evans has been moved from the Lagos police command headquarters. He was taken out of his cell by about 30 heavily armed men.

This move happened at midnight a few days ago. Nobody knows his current location although some senior police officers told Saturday Sun that he was taken to Abuja.

One officer said, “He has not been returned since he was moved out. Evans is a broken man; police can’t resort to extra-judicial killings at this point. He is cooperating, and he is ready to help return all his ill-gotten wealth as soon as possible.”

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Another said, "Evans is not an ordinary criminal. I guess that they took him out for further investigation but I don’t know why they are yet to return him to his cell.”

One person gave assurances saying, “No one is planning to kill Evans. I believe that they will return him later. He could be in any good cell in the state for security reasons, but I can assure you that he is not dead yet. Even if anything happens to him, if he dies in custody, it will be as a result of cancer which he claims  he is suffering from.”

Another anonymous officer also maintained that Evans is still alive.

“He is okay and seriously cooperating with the police in its investigation. From the look of things, he might not spend up to three months in detention before he’s charged to court. As for his location, I assure you that he is in a protective custody somewhere out of town," he said.

One officer had a lot of information on the case. According to him, Evans is a criminal, adding that “a criminal is always a criminal.” He also said that “with the number of robbery cases and kidnappings to his credit, he is well known among criminals.”

The same officer shed some light on Evans' stay in prison.

“Within the short period that he spent in our cell, he is already controlling inmates in the cell. They fear and respect him; we do not want to run the risk of allowing him to form another notorious group which is common amongst them,” he said.

He also promised that the Police is going to recover the money and properties that Evans' family got from his illegal activities.

“A lot of his family members benefited from his ill-gotten wealth, so they are afraid to come close to the police station.

We will soon get a warrant to pick his father up and possibly his mother, who also benefited,” he added.

In spite of this information, the state police command maintains that  Evans can no longer speak to the press.

According to the Saturday Sun reporter, this is until further notice.

Both the Lagos Police Spokesman, Olarinde Famous-Cole and the Force PRO, Moshood Jimoh are yet to comment on Evans’ whereabouts.

This new secrecy surrounding the kingpin's location comes after his lawyer, Olukoya Ogungbeje, filed a suit for his release.

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The lawsuit, filed at the High Court, also claimed N300M damages from the police.