The self acclaimed social activist and gay rights protector, and obviously hater of Christianity, posted on her Facebook page that Pastor Adeboye is gay and a member of an occult group and should not step foot into Ibadan, her enclave.

Her warning was subsequent to news that Pastor Adeboye was due in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, for a church programme.

This is what the controversial lady wrote:

"Cultist and Gay Pastor, E. A. ADEBOYE, will be in Ibadan. Since he is coming to leave my city with his CURSE, I hope his private plane crashes on take off at Alakia if curses rain that day.

"Post a comment and try disrespecting my views on my page and you will see the block button fast. Do you think Adeboye is an overstretched modern cultist who sells pure water, bread, schools with N635,000 a term tuition, filled with cocaine addicted children and simply turned his congregation into religious bondage? The church is a business and not a place to fool and lie others."

Not yet done, she fired another missile on Pastor Adeboye:

"ADEBOYE spelled backwards means EYOBEDA, (Take the Knife out). Where? Not in my city. Take it out in your church on the Express and stab every congregation member in the back as you’ve done.

"Don’t let any mega-pastor stab u in the back. They cannot pay your child’s school fees or let u attend their schools easily. N630,000 per term!"

So what do we make of this lady?