Emmanuella is without a doubt, the biggest star on the Nigerian Youtube space, with the popular Mark Angel Comedy show she stars in.

2016 in Nigerian comedy got a new, unexpected visitor. She was a girl, not based in Lagos like most entertainers, and most of all, she was a kid.

The fan base grew, from Nigeria, to the Philippines, to even bagging awards in Australia. Heck, she's so mainstream that UK mums even send Mark Angel videos to their kids the way our mums here send us Whatsapp broadcasts about missing people and one-chance buses.

By the end of 2016, the Youtube channel already crossed a total of 100 million views. With over 900k channel subscribers, one new Mark Angel episode easily does 1 million views in a week. Something Nigerian superstars will gladly pay for.

I was having a conversation with a few friends, and the question came up;

Is Emmanuella funny or nah?

I think the question is never whether we find a person funny or not. The question instead, is why we find them funny. Basketmouth or Bovi cracks me up every time, but I've never laughed to an Alibaba joke in my life.

So humour is clearly relative.

So why do people find Emmanuella funny?

For starters, those rules of comedy play out well

The accent is strong. Everything is funnier with an original accent. Ask this guy,

The final joke is always the strongest. 'Real face' for example was a strong final joke. And the rest of the rules go on blah blah.

Also important, she's a child. A 7 year old child.

When a famous child says something, it's either cute or funny. The original sin is, and will always be to say negative stuff about kids. Mothers will come for you like,

So when a child does or says something bold, people laugh or say "awwww". In all, Emmanuella is cracking ribs now, and she'll crack more over the next few years. Say five.

Now, whether or not we'll still be able to find her funny in the next few years may be hard to tell, but a lot of that will be determined by the work put into helping her hone her craft. Who knows, maybe we'll finally get to see her real face then.