An ex is that person you avoid talking about when you’re in a relationship because you have history.

Should you need to talk about the said person, the conversation must start with “don’t worry about them”. After that you can proceed to contemplate your previous relationship dilemma’s.

Some people say ex’s are in the past but they never really are. They are either physically in your life causing you occasional awkward conversations or they have entered your brain and rewired it so that they become a standard of how you want your future relationships. Either way your ex is very much part of your life. Get used to it.

There is also the small matter of Okafor’s Law. Simply put, it’s an ex wrigglingly their way back into your life. Okay, maybe it’s not a small matter, small matters do not have scientific theories named after them.

There’s possibly nothing more painful than losing your current to an ex. It makes an interesting story but that’s about it especially in this economy one cannot spend too much money buying tissue paper because tear glands are putting in ex-tra work.

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