Hey, flipping through channels on

DSTV announced yesterday, Tuesday, November 1, 2016, that it had added more channels across all its bouquet. That means more channels to watch or browse through.

This has been a part of their #BusinessUnusual campaign featuring Basketmouth and Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime.

A couple of weeks ago DSTV Kenya slashed prices of its services and introduced more channels. The promo has now hit Nigeria.

If you have the DSTV Premium package, three HD channels have been added, MNET Edge, MNET Action+ and Vuzu Amp. If you've been squinting your eyes before no need for that.

Also, for the Harry Potter fans, there will be a pop-up channel dedicated to the popular movie franchise starting from  November 4 to November 14.

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On the Compact Plus package, 11 more channels have been added, while on the DSTV Family package there are six new channels.

When you are not glued to your smart phone or laptop streaming Netflix, turning on your TV and checking out what DSTV has to offer might not be a bad idea.