A physically challenged man, Ogah Alexander, has requested a Mararaba Area Court in Nassarawa State, to dissolve the marriage between him and his wife, Helen, whom he claims has assaulted him on many occasions.

According to the complainant, his wife shows no respect for him because of a deformity in one of his hands, Daily Post reports.

The pair have been married for a period of 13 years, with four children between them.

Laying out his complaint before the court, Alexander said, “my wife beats and disrespects me because I am deformed in one side of my hands”.

He alleged that his wife shows him no regard, having slapped him once when he asked her about the whereabouts of a car he bought for her.

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“When I asked her about the car, she lied to me that she only packed it in the pastor’s house.

“But surprisingly the pastor and his family came to my house with the car thinking I travelled.

“I came back from work one day and she told me that the pastor had an accident with car and when I confronted her that I did not give the car to the pastor, she slapped me.

“I received the beating of my life from her for asking to the extent that she grabbed my sex organ and tried to kill me”.

Speaking further on his grievances,  the complainant told the court that his wife has been attending various churches without his approval.

In another incident, one of the pastors who she associates with allegedly came to his residence to tell him to leave his wife for him.

“She has been going from one church to another and there was another pastor of a church called World Harvest Church who came to warned me to leave my wife for him.

“I was so angry that I had to send him away. Her parents are aware of the situation and all efforts made by them to settle our rift proved abortive.

“I am pleading with the court to separate us because I can no longer tolerate what my wife is doing to me, the marriage has broken down irretrievably”, he said.

Helen, who is the respondent in the case, was however not present at the court when the matter was being heard.