DavidO recently became a twitter hit with his latest single “Gobe”. The initial excitement took us by storm as people scurried to download.

Then “gobe” happened.

As it turns out, DavidO's latest hit isn't exactly 'latest', or even recent. The song “Gobe” has been around for close to a year now, courtesy an upcoming act called Password.

Speculations have been rife as we see hues and cries from Twitter fans:

Davido is a thief! I heard that song last year! A dude named Password did the original song”

DavidO stole Gobe #Gbam #OmoBabaOle

Several lifestyle and entertainment websites and blogs have already released posts stating that they have 'proof' that DavidO stole the song.

We noticed something quite interesting though: there are two twitter handles claiming to be the suddenly popular upcoming celebrity, Password. One of them says DavidO stole the song. The other is actually praising DavidO for what he did on the song.

So, who is the liar here? The bloke with the twitter handle @Iam_Password, apparently, worked with DavidO on the project, and is really pleased with what DavidO did on the song. His timeline is full of shoutouts and retweets from DavidO. Also, he has been a registered user of Twitter since February 2012, at least.

The second 'password', the user with the name @GobePassword is the pissed off one. His tweets imply that DavidO stole his song without acknowledging him. However, when we contacted this user, asking for credible evidence that he was, indeed, the real password, he said the burden of evidence wasn't on him, but on DavidO.

So, er, @GobePassword says DavidO stole his song. Mind you, he created this twitter account two days ago because, as he put it, he “joined twitter when my friends told me my song was going viral under DavidO's name”. He also said the @Iam_Password twitter handle is fake.

As 2Face once said: “who be the thief, and who be the owner?” Did DavidO really steal the song? Is Password (whoever he is) trying to gain some popularity for himself?

Whatever the answer to these questions are, there is one thing we do know for certain: all this is going to make DavidO very, very popular, and also very, very rich.

Here is a tweet image from the new twitter handle, supposedly belonging to the ACCUSER, Password

Here is the another image from the twitter handle belonging to the original Password, as claimed by DavidO