According to Punch News, the 19-year-old made the jump off the Third Mainland Bridge while being chased by the police and a man named Jamiu Ojuroye.

The latter is reportedly a member of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC).

“On Sunday, we were to have a meeting at Bariga. The money for the meeting was being brought by the Abore, Jamiu Ojuroye, when he was attacked by the robbers.

“Abore said he entered the  bus at Estate bus stop and he sat in front with another passenger, who made way for him to sit in the middle. When the vehicle got to Iyana Ogudu, the robbers asked all the passengers to cooperate and dispossessed them of their valuables.

“Abore started struggling for the control of the steering with the driver and the supposed passenger beside him, sprayed a peppery substance on his face. They pushed him down at Ifako after collecting his money, phones and ATM cards.

“When he narrated his ordeal, we went to the shrines of Ogun and Esu. We gave Ogun and Esu what they liked to eat and requested that the suspects be caught," a community leader Musbau Adekunle who is also a member of the OPC tells Punch.

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Next victim

The next day, Adekunle's son identified as Semiu was the victim. He was reportedly on his way to get some items in Oshodi when he met Junior and three other gang members.

Punch News confirms that Semiu described as a mechanic, was thrown out of a bus when he tried to keep a sum of N500,000 away from the group.

"He started shouting and calling for help. A taxi driver decided to help him and they gave the vehicle a chase.

"When they got to Olopo Meji bus stop, they saw the gang dropping off some other victims that had been dispossessed. They did not block the bus because it might not be safe. However, the bus turned and faced Obalende (Lagos Island).

"When they got to Berger bus stop, they informed the police who trailed the bus. The police caught up with the gang around UNILAG Waterfront on the Third Mainland Bridge.

"A policeman brought out a gun and ordered them to park. After the driver parked, the four suspects fled. Some motorists parked their vehicles and raised the alarm.

"A car hit the first robber. He stood up and attempted to continue running, but was hit by a second car.

"The police and my son got a motorcycle, chased and apprehended the other three suspects. However, the first robber who was hit by two cars jumped into the lagoon," Musbau Adekunle mentioned to Punch.

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, the police released a statement confirming that three members of the gang have been arrested.

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The fourth suspect Junior was reportedly hit by two vehicles before diving into the Lagos lagoon.

The gang members are to be arraigned in a courthouse as soon as investigations have been concluded. Edgal Imohimi, the Lagos State police commissioner told Punch after parading them at the police headquarters in Ikeja.