Lt. Kalu had allegedly shot Solape to death in the early hours of Saturday, March 11, 2017, after they had slept together and after shooting the pretty Airwoman to death, he wrote a note and shot himself in an apparent suicide.

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Though he survived the single gunshot, he was later arrested and is currently in detention while investigations have begun in earnest.

Describing himself as a crazy lover who died from a heartbreak, Lt. Kalu painted his late lover as a witch who pretended to be a good girl in his eyes and that of his family members while she was cheating on him with other men, including his superiors.

Read the suicide note the cold-blooded Lt. Kalu left behind here:

"My Fucking Note

It's a pity for me writing this note because it would be read by most top men.

It's a love story of a guy falling in love with the wrong witch who pretended to be good in my eyes and the eyes of my loving mother.

Am a simple guy who never partakes in various activities.

Most individuals say I have a future, here it is. Am a guy who put two rounds in a witch and one round to my fucking body.

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For it is said that he who kills by the sword shall die by it. Most idiots would insult me, yes, if I were to be in their shoes, I would do the same likewise if they were to be in my shoes, they would even pull more than three rounds on the witch.

Call me the crazy lover who died of heartbreak!

Am NAF16/29024 ACM Kalu BA."