Cool FM controversial presenter,

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Freeze's outburst comes with the widespread involvement of pastors in crime including armed robbery, kidnap, and fraudulent acts and he took a swipe at them, concluding that what Nigeria needs are more factories and jobs.

Freeze made his position known through an Instagram post, thus:

"Take a look at the list of the top 10 countries that won medals at the 2016 Olympics, compare to the 10 least religious countries in the world, and you will see that plus or minus, one or two countries, the list is almost identical.

With all our religion and self-righteousness, all we could win so far is one embarrassing bronze medal. The Nigerian athletes themselves are heroes, competing against athletes from countries that consider sports a greater priority than religion, where athletes don't have to worry about feeding, hotel bills, flight tickets or sports kits.

Many sportsmen could not fly out to represent Nigeria, yet private jets belonging to 'men of God' lay fallow. A whole giant of Africa is now fast becoming a former giant, because we exchanged our greatness in agriculture & commerce, for greatness in religious manipulation.

Our government gave pilgrims concession to buy dollars at a subsidized rate, yet businesses and students had to pay the normal rate, and Chierika Ukogu had to fund her way to Rio. Speaking of grossly misplaced priorities.

Some men of God preaching to millions of followers here in Nigeria, are 'banned' from entering some developed nations that don't have a population as gullible as ours, to buy their outrageous schemes.

I think Nigeria has too few natural disasters, that's why we spend so much of our time fighting each other, instead of working together towards common goals. If we had the equivalent of hurricane Katrina, for instance, the last thing on our minds would be to fight one another."

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"Boko Haram members & the Avengers would be too busy rescuing each other from the rubble, to remember that they are supposed to be fighting one another. What's the solution? I don't know, but less churches & more factories is a good place to start!"