In a bid to fool the immigration authorities in the United Kingdom and stay in the country illegally, a Nigerian woman,

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Daily Mail reports that Abolore hired one Anthony Ezekpo, to pretend to be the father of her new baby and register his birth in his name but the suspects were caught when she transferred £1,000 into Ezekpo’s account on the same day he was supposed to register the child’s birth certificate.

According to court records, the UK police, during investigations, found out through online pictures, that the real father of the baby is one Peter Gentry, the younger brother of actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry's husband.

The trio of Fausat Abolore, Anthony Ezekpo and Samson Awoyinka

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Investigators told the court that Abolore hired Ezekpo so she could gain British citizenship, using his name on the baby’s birth certificate and claiming she lived with Ezekpo, providing the UK authorities with a fake address.

Abolore reportedly gave birth to her son at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich on August 6, 2014, and was previously arrested in September last year and the jury heard that under Home Office investigation, she had no legal basis to be in the UK and when asked to take a paternity test, Abolore refused.

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The police further claimed that Abolore submitted a passport application signed by Ezekpo and countersigned by one Samson Awoyinka, who claimed to know Ezekpo for five years from his church congregation but this also turned out to be a lie.