I’m back and better! Right from the moment when I took the annoying road trip from Lagos to Southern Nigeria, a part of me died. I missed the Lagos hustle, the bustle, the betting, the highness, the late night shows, and most importantly I miss the Lagos women.

Those soft, swinging, creatures of beauty that always make my body shake in a thousand inexplicable places. I miss the ones in Lagos. They have a special stimulating quality that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Simply put, Lagos girls are the best thing to happen to earth, since the discovery of antibiotics. God bless Lagos girls.

So here I am, back and better, refreshed and recharged, with no money to spend (them never pay salary yet. Relax baby, it’s still January, the famed month of dryness). But with plenty of love in my heart for the women. The other day, I took a slow walk through Surulere. I was headed nowhere. I was simply taking a walk, inhaling the smoky Lagos air, and counting the pretty ladies.

Since I had no dime in my back pockets, I refused to approach any one o. before my ministry this year will be felled flat. I won’t be made ridicule by some lady because my wallet lacks two dimes rubbing together. Never!

I’m a patient man, I will wait until they pay January salary, then I will become the proper ladies’ man, and go get a community of them. King Solomon is my new inspiration.

But until then, I’ll keep my hustle straight. I’ll work hard to make my bread, and get to the level I want to be. It’s 2014 people, it’s time to get more ambitious with life, and be all I wanna be.

Including the Surulere ladies’ man!

See you next Tuesday…Peace and good  hustle.