Secondary school student stabs father in the eye over yuletide clothes

For his inability to provide money for Christmas clothes, a father has had his eye stabbed by his son.

A security man who could not provide Christmas clothes for his 16-year-old son, has lost the use of one of his eyes after the boy stabbed him in a fit of rage. The incident which happened at the family residence at Arowojobe Stree, Oshodi, is raising eyebrows and ending tongues wagging.

The middle aged man who name is given as Anthony, was reported to have pleaded with his son, Ikechi, that times are hard and could not afford to by new clothes for him as well as his two other siblings, arguing that since he is older, he should exercise patience while he gets them for the younger ones.

But this argument, according to one of Ikechi's cousins who witnessed the ugly debacle, Ukachukwu, did not hold water with the young man who insisted on getting new clothes as he wanted to use them for one of his friend's party at a beach in Lagos.

According to Ukachukwu, Anthony explained to Ikechi that he had little money on him as he had not been paid his salary yet. But the boy insisted on getting money for his clothes and locked up the father in the room, refusing to allow him leave for work, accusing his father of hating him.

The  father who works as a security guard in a hotel, got angry at his son's behaviour, got angry and reached for his belt and started flogging him. This incensed Ikechi who picked up a knife and stabbed his father in the eye.

This is how Ukachukwu narrated the incident:

"Ikechi accused his father of hating him and, fed up with his complaints, the man got his belt and began to flog the boy.

As his father continued flogging him, Ikechi reached for a knife and stabbed him straight in the eye. Upon seeing the horror of his deed, Ikechi took his heels.

When I wanted to run off to the police station to report the issue to the police, his mother begged me not to, as it will ‘involve more expenses.

"But I doubt if he will still see with that eye again."

Anthony, who was rushed to the hospital right away is under intensive care, while family members are praying for him to see properly with the eye again.


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