But for the intervention of a security outfit attached to the Kano Street Market in Onitsha, Anambra State, a woman who had gone for shopping with her little maid and her child, would have been lynched by angry market women after she

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According to Martins Sammie, an eyewitness who posted the story on his Facebook wall, the market women were shocked to see the woman beating the young girl who looked malnourished and from every indication, not her own child who looked well fed and taken care of.

The child abuser

Photo Credit: Facebook

The women rose up in unity and were bent on dealing mercilessly with the woman before the security men came to her rescue and escorted her out of the market to safety.

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Read what Sammie posted on his wall:

"If not for the prompt intervention of the White House Security, the woman pictured below  (in Pink) would have been lynched by the Market Women of Kano Street Onitsha for abusing her maid in the open.

I learnt she stopped the maid's schooling and abuses her at will."

The abused child

Photo Credit: Facebook