The Association of Beauty Pageant and Fashion Exhibition Organization of Nigeria, ABPFEON, has called for an investigation into the leaked lesbian sex tape of former beauty queen, Miss

ABPFEON is now calling on the authorities to make Miss Okeke face the law pertaining to lesbian sex which is punishable by 14 years jail term, Daily Post reports.

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In a statement issued and signed by the Secretary General of the association, Alex Nwankw‎o, the association said, “If Nigeria Police were really interested in this case, the actual culprit who is Chidinma Okeke should be looked for.

“There is no ignorance in law. Besides, it is a federal case which attracts 14 years in imprisonment.

“We believe if there ‎is a petition against Chidinma Okeke on this banned federal offence of Lesbianism on the table of Nigeria police, they would have commenced hunting for her arrest.

“Getting Chidinma is far easier than getting her blackmailers because, in one of her releases or purported statements behind camera, she sighted that the blackmailers had been extorting money from her; that means she is either known to them or she knows who she has been sending money to.

“A scandal or story that has gained world attention like this, and topping Nigeria Google presence as at 3 days ago even more than Nigeria’s economic recession, should not be politicised.

“To save us this headache, Chidinma Okeke can come out and identify the boys and also explain to us the chain connection and names mentioned including government personalities in stories attributed to her.”

Meanwhile, following reports by Facebook user, Martin Beck Nworah, that a 7-man syndicate of blackmailers have been arrested for being behind the leak of the sex tapes, the Enugu state police command has refuted the claims.

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The report comes shortly after the Anambra state Commissioner of Police, Mr Sam Okaula, said that the command is unaware of any sex scandal involving the former beauty queen.