A Ugandan man was shocked to his bone marrow when he walked into his house and caught his wife red handed having sex with her boyfriend on their matrimonial bed.

And in a bid to escape, the boyfriend jumped through the window naked, still wearing the condom he wore while in action.

MyZimbabwe reports that the adulterous woman, Audrey Mbama Mutambayashata, had been fond of bringing men to sleep with her whenever the husband, Gabriel Mutaisi, went out and on the fateful day, the husband decided to come home early and bumped into the sex-craze pair on his bed going at themselves like two rabbits in heat.

A angry husband told the newspaper:

"The boyfriend panicked and jumped out of the window naked, still wearing the condom. He hadn't even finished his round. The boyfriend then escaped and left his shoes and clothes. The condom was still on when he escaped.

I returned home and heard someone screaming in sexual pleasure while I was still outside. When I opened the door I found them having sex.

They were so busy that they even failed to realise that the door had been opened and only reacted when I asked what they were doing.

I then put an iron bar on the door and called my uncle to witness. I was so angry and my uncle had to restrain me from assaulting them.

Audrey has since lodged a complaint with the police saying I assaulted her. She also got a chance to escape and ran to the police leading to my arrest but I narrated the issue to police and they took us to public relations office where she confessed that she had been cheating with many boyfriends."

The cheating wife also admitted her crimes to the media:

"Yes he caught me with my friend but we were not having sex. We were just seated on the bed. We have been having problems for a very long time."