The alleged insult heaped on the CatholicChurch and the spiritual head of the church, PopeFrancis, by Nigerian celebrity man of God, Rev. Chris Okotie, is not going to die down soon as many Catholic faithful have taken up arms and have been attacking the former pop star for daring to say members of the CatholicChurch will go to hell.

Even as RevOkotie has refused to back down or apologize for his diatribe, insisting that what he said was “not out of disrespect but out of respect for the word of God,” the barrage of criticism he has received has been massive.

Apart from the anonymous attackers, prominent celebrities have joined in the bout and leading the pack is Toni Payne, the former wife of singer, 9ice. Though it is not known if ToniPayne is a Catholic or just lending support to the faithful, she took the maverick preacher and former presidential aspirant to the cleaners, through her Twitter account.

See Rev. Okotie's tweet:

“Re-Catholicism: Truth is bitter. It lacks saccharine delights.”

See what Toni Payne wrote:

“Tripple Oshisko!... smh!”

“It is very irresponsible as an alleged man of God to insult another doctrine. We worship one God… preaching Hate yet u call urself a Pastor.”

“I don’t blame him sha… I blame those attending his church… ur pastor told u God told him to divorce and u no go find another church? Na so!”