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After playing this game for almost two years now, I have come to learn some unlikely lessons after burning meals and almost flooding my house, to name a few of the things Candy Crush has cost me.

Just like Telemundo, Candy Crush failed to win the heart of every Nigerian, but it might have some positive effect on critical thinkers such as myself.

Playing the game from time to time, I have felt different emotions from relief, to anger, frustration to the sweet rush of adrenaline. Amongst the things I have felt while indulging in this game was a deeper understanding of life from the point of view of one of the most addictive games in play at the moment.

The first lesson I ever learnt was;

1) Life’s a bitch: Truth is life isn’t fair and so is Candy Crush. Ever been so close to certain victory only to get cheated out of it? To the extent that you begin to wonder if the creators of the game sometimes orchestrate the process to make you lose. Been there too many times and after my rantings and ravings, I came to the same simple conclusion. Life doesn’t give handouts. Life isn’t easy. You have to work your ass off for every victory and there will be a number of losses along the way.

2) Nothing is set in stone: A number of times, I have almost scheduled the game, almost certain of the outcome especially when I have the colour bomb next to a stripped candy. I was sure victory was for the taking and then I realised I had one move left and one candy frozen solid that would cost me that game, and quite possibly, my last life for the next 30 minutes. Point is, life is too unpredictable to get cocky. One step at a time should be our mantra.

3) There’s always a bigger picture: You remember those levels where everything seems to be going smoothly and there seem to be excess lives and even more bears to be recovered or jam to spread? And then, just before your run out of moves, you realise the level was broken down into five parts and you only saw one? It’s funny how they do that but the smart thing to do is expect no less from Candy Crush or life. There is always a bigger picture and half the time, you cannot see it.

4) Immortality takes the fun out of life: I remember gaining eight hours of unlimited lives. God, how I indulged. For hours, I was absorbed in the game until I realised that I had lost that sense of urgency that comes with knowing that you have only five lives to play with and you are 30 minutes away from the next life. I became cocky and played it carelessly knowing there was nothing stopping me, which eventually made the game tiresome and boring. Savour each day you have and stop wishing you were a vampire.

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5) Spend wisely: It’s always wise to use your boosters wisely when playing Candy Crush and that’s the same for life. Be sure of what you have to gain before you spend whatever resource you have at your expense.

So if you have another one hour of your life to burn on Candy Crush, you might as well learn a couple of things while you are at it.