A 27-year-old

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Adetayo who was arrested by detectives attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, said that it was because of his fervent belief in God that he doesn’t patronise herbalists or use charms during robbery operations like his colleagues, adding that he was quite sure God would aid his release from the police.

Ayotunde was arrested alongside members of his gang after they attacked and robbed an apartment at Igbogbo, Ikorodu area of the state, where they allegedly killed the head of the family.

The born again robber who says he does not joke with his relationship with God despite his profession, confessed that though he went with his gang to rob the man's family, he did not touch anyone.

“I was caught by police because I don’t believe in using charms during robbery operations. The fact is that I believe in God. I believe God can save me.

When we went for the operation, we took our time. We made them prepare food for us and after eating and watching TV, we told the family to lie face down so we could start our operation.

We wanted to lock the man in the room with his wife before we left so that he wouldn’t be able to call for help.

When we tried to get him to stand, we noticed he was stiff. I placed my ear to his heart and discovered it wasn’t beating. We never robbed him with the intention of causing his death. I had no reason to kill him. I had already gotten all I wanted from him.”

Ayotunde also confessed to having robbed three houses within the year but police detectives believe he has robbed more houses than what he claimed.

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"I once worked in a construction company where I was paid N1,300 daily. I went into robbery to raise enough money to start a legitimate business.

There was no plan in my heart to make robbery a permanent job. I was arrested last month at Ojota, Lagos State, after my gang members and I robbed a man of his Toyota Corolla car. We also took some of the valuables in his house."