The cross dresser Bobrisky refuses to go away from public consciousness.

The light (lie) skin Barbie is stretching the proverbial 15 minutes of fame down to the last millisecond.

His Snapchat reality show had gotten to the peak boredom when he decided to switch things up. Bobrisky recently launched a premium Snapchat account. You now have to pay N10,000 to watch Bobrisky bat his eyelids, read his typos and listen to his smattering English.

His content has managed to convince 300 people to part away with their hard-earned cash to watch him. If the maths is right that's three million Naira for Bobrisky.

To put things in perspective, N10,000 can get you a huge amount of mobile data and also pay for GoTV subscription for a few months.

You can't knock Bobrisky's hustle. He is an entrepreneur that has been able to flip the curiosity of many Nigerians with smart phones into credit bank alerts. He should also thank timing. Nigerian millennials don't really care about sexual orientation like the previous generation. They are more into Bobrisky for his absurdity than who his bae is.

And to be honest, Nigeria since the 80s has had a weirdo to keep people entertained and shocked. In the 1980s there was Charly Boy. In the 90s and 00s, Denrele Edun held it down for the eccentric. By 2015, Bobrisky came out from the sub-culture of cross dressers in search of fame.

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Charly Boy despite his antics is as straight as an arrow. Denrele has dodged questions about his sexuality, preferring to leave that part of his life mysterious. Bobrisky, however, plays with the imagination of his audience. He dares them.

Unfortunately, Bobrisky will always be seen as a clown who entertains the crowd. He will not be taken seriously. Just as trash reality TV has its fans, Bobrisky will always have people entertained by his nothingness.