The documentary explores the black experience of living in the country homogenous Japan. The visual work revolves around five people, Lee Marshal, Trice and Will McCrory, Emel Ahmed and Antarius Reynolds.

These individuals who hail from West Africa to the USA, speak on the cultural challenges they face living in Tokyo as well as the opportunities that are opened to them.

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The 10-minute long doc aims to "dismantle stereotypes and blur the racial lines by exposing complex identities and cultures instead of the one-dimensional narratives often reproduced in mainstream media."

Nwosu, who is also a self-taught photographer plans to "inspire people to pursue their passions regardless of what background they come from by sharing unique stories of individuals, who are pushing the culture and paving the way for the next generation of young people" with the documentary.

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Amarachi Nwosu has written for international platforms such as Highsnobiety, and Okay Africa. Apart from Black in Tokyo, she is busy with other documentaries from Lagos to New York.

Watch the documentary below;