There are a lot of shows and series on YouTube these days targeted towards the youth demographic.

Some of these shows suck and some of them rock. A new YouTube show,  BKChat LDN not only rocks but rocks on a major level.

The format of the show is this. BKChat LDN is more like an informal talk show where guys on one side of the room and babes on one side of the room talk about a particular topic.

This is not some white, hippie kids talking about stuff you won't understand. BKChat LDN is very relatable not only because of the topics  (dating, relationships and sex) but because of the crew.

The guys and babes are mostly black Brits, offspring of Nigerian and African immigrants.  These Londoners go heavy on any topic such as body count to who should pay on the first date.

Bants aside, you can find gems in these discussions and an understanding of some sorts of the opposite sex.

The web show started in November and has garnered an impressive number of views. The debut episode "He Broke Up With Me At A Bus Stop!" has almost 500,000 views.

If you are the observant type on Twitter and follow a few people based in London you would notice that the hashtag #BKChatLDN trends on a weekly basis.

The show has caught on among young Nigerians in London, and black Brits of Nigerian heritage.

If you have a whole lot of data and want to watch something really interesting BKChat LDN is a must for you.