So heres what we have: This already controversial social media character, Biskits video of him slapping his mothers bum has set Black Twitter on fire.

In the video, Biskit whose real name is Desmond Uyiosa Abifade, is seen taking a few shots of his muscled torso before moving closer to his mother and tapping her butt.

His mother's expression remains somewhat warm, as she asks in yoruba if he's going to work the day after.

Biskit responds that he is and then he leans into her almost suggestively.

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While we cannot discount the fact that whatever we saw could be interpreted in a number of ways, Twitter seemed to have settled on the more sexual of them and run with it.

Most users seem to have come to a conclusion that there was some sexual energy on display and the roasts have come in hard and fast.

"Why are you grabbing on your mom, bro?"

One user wrote, "Biskit is deffo in an open relationship with his parents".

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Like another wrote, the jokes and memes have been both insanely funny and very uncomfortable.

Why is this important to you?

It really isn't, but every single thing that Biskit has done or being associated with has become fodder for very incisive jokes, including his Nigerian ancestry.

Nigerians both in the diaspora and at home have been deflecting the jokes and making clear that grabbing your mother's batty on social media is not a Nigerian thing, it's just bastard behaviour.

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Biskit is mostly known for his role on BKCHATLDN, a millennial talk show that has generated high viewership and interesting pop culture conversations over the years.


However, he has been making the news for all the wrong reasons recently.

Bad Biskits and Fraud

In November 2017, Biskit raised another twitter frenzy when news emerged that he was part of a gang of fraudsters who were convicted of stealing six hundred thouand dollars from bank accounts belonging to various businesses.

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According to GRM Daily, Abifade copped a two-year suspended sentence for conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.

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The social media personality (if we can call him that) had already taken a lot of blows to his reputation but nothing from that chapter compares to the full-on assault to every fibre of his being that's going on right now.

Everyone's coming for Desmond, including the UK's biggest stars.

Comedian undefinedand afro-swing rapper, J Hus, have passed subliminals acknowledging the masquerade dance on Twitter.

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One wonders what Biskit is doing at the moment.

Amid the barrage of jokes that have been imprinted into the Internet forever, one Twitter user jested Biskit's skill as a digital marketer and how this is really just a ploy to stay relevant, so much that he's become a trending topic in multiple countries.

I admit he may have been hoping to pop up on your radar today, but I'm also pretty sure this isn't the kind of virality he was hoping for.