Barely a week after the episode of the highly criticized pictures of his sister Willow Smith in bed with a shirtless male, jaden smith the son of Hollywood Actor Will smith, appeared half naked in a picture he took with Kylie Jenner.

Apparently, the shirtless lifestyle is highly favoured by the smiths as Jaden's expression in the picture is quite interesting. The photos appeared on Kylie's Tumblr account on the 25th of April, which is around the same time his younger sister's photos hit the social media. In the picture it would appear that he was wearing only a calvin Klein boxer, while sporting that look, on the thighs of Kim Kadarshian's half-sister.

While Kylie Jenner on her part has said that they were not in a relationship, but sources reveal that they were quite closer than most friends of opposite sexes. Which leads us to the main question on everyone's mind.

Do you think Will Smith is bringing up his kids properly?