It was a show of shame and double standard as a woman who participated in a ‘Pro-Buhari March’ to counter the anti-government protest of February 6, 2017, had to beg some members of the opposing group to give her N100 to buy water.

The incident which happened in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, was captured by a Twitter user with the handle @YarKafanchan, who recorded one of the women saying that the money they were supposed to be paid to participate in the rally was withheld by some people and as such, they resorted to begging for money to buy water and pay their ways back home.

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According to the Twitter user, she was approached by two women who supported a counter-rally organized by supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari and begged for N100 to buy pure water after they got thirsty at the end of the rally.

The two women revealed that they had been compelled to attend the rally by one of their neighbours who allegedly pushed them to participate in it.

The video showed one of the women carrying a placard which read:

‘We believe in President Muhammadu Buhari making Nigeria great again.’

While narrating how they got involved in the rally, one of the women said:

“We wan buy water, we no get money. They push us come protest.

Na our neighbour push us come; dem dey sell water N100, dem no get pure water.”

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Though supporters of the #IstandwithBuhari group have come out to say the video was doctored and manipulated, it is still a wonder how sane Nigerians would still come out to support the ongoing hardship, hunger, and recession in the country.