When Tobi Bakre, big muscles, beard gang and a track record of being a ladies man on his side, went into the Big Brother Naija House, most people who knew or had heard of him expected much from the young banker; that he would be this edition’s resident Yoruba demon.

The term “Yoruba Demon” is one of those expressions that has come to mean more than their literal connotations; that obvious simple reference to a tribe and evil spirits.

It refers to the idea of a very desirable Yoruba man, who exudes confidence, charm, finesse and has a way with the ladies.

In a show like Big Brother Naija, there’s always room for a Yoruba demon. The show relies a lot on the interaction between male and female housemates and the sexual tension that this creates.

It would have been the perfect environment for Tobi to weave his way closer and closer to the 45 million prize.

Instead, from what we saw yesterday, he is on his way to being disowned by his family, the Yoruba clan and the entire country after he spent an entire four hours begging a fellow housemate, Cee C for crimes he did not commit.

Last night’s events did not come as a surprise to many

When she doesn't love you back

Since Tobi and Cee C were placed in the same group by Biggie, the faceless voice of the show’s host, his eager advances towards her have been with met with lethargic behaviour.

It was hard to tell if she was not interested or just being downright confused.

Either way, Tobi fell for the bait, hook, line and sinker. One day at a time, he has basically thrown himself at her feet or mouth and in nearly all cases, she has curved him like a Juninho free-kick.

It came to a head, on Thursday, February 8, when Biggie gathered the Housemates in the living room and gave them the task of naming one thing they don’t like about each other.

During the session, most of the housemates described Cee C as ‘rude’ and ‘possessive.’ Bitto used perhaps the aptest description of them all, saying she is the Delilah to Tobi’s ‘Samson syndrome.’

Tobi has a pattern of behaviour

Fans of the show who had observed the dynamic between the two predicted that Tobi would pay for all the backlash Cee C was receiving, and that was exactly what happened.

After the session, Cee C accused Tobi of being disrespectful towards her and letting popular opinion change his demeanour towards her.

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The husky young man felt the need to change this perception. And so began a begging and pleading session that lasted the better part of four hours. I know I can repeating this but I'm as shocked as you are.

Nothing can capture the dismay of seeing a man make himself the object of ridicule so needlessly, and despite being insulted and rejected repeatedly, to continue putting in energy that he could push into his career or his relationship with God, who he clearly needs now if he is to leave the show with money and anything resembling pride.

There’s nothing wrong with being interested in a woman, or caring about her emotions enough to try to ease her worries.

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The problem lies in the fact that while Tobi was acting like a sitting duck and begging like a rejected son, he lost the chance to see that he was being taken for a long ride.

It’s discouraging to see that so early in the show, he has lost his focus and become a plaything for another contestant who is so unloved by every contestant but himself.

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"My brother?! I bring you greetings on behalf of Oduduwa and all the Yoruba kings who died before us! You are there for the money, not the girl. FOCUS!!"

The social media reactions to the incident have been humorous, to say the least.

Davido has weighed on the topic, and even Tobi’s brother, who enjoys a following on social media, appears disappointed in his brother.

Is Cee C being manipulative?

As humorous as the whole thing is, it is also a small glimpse into a problem that plagues platonic and sexual relationships in our society.

Call it what you want but Cee C at her best times, has been very adept at emotional manipulation and blackmail.

As the events unfolded, popular OAP and hypeman Dotun tweeted, “Emotional abuse is real, now we all can see it on LIVE tv. If you don’t know what it means, please watch Big Brother and see the Cee C & Tobi scenes. So, if you don’t know what you are doing, that is an example to learn from #BBNaija”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Over time, the relationship between Cee C and Tobi has devolved into one where one party is using the other’s obvious affection for her to her advantage.

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In some instances, it serves to help her feel better about herself. In others, he descends into being a small trophy that shows how much she is in control.

Nothing is worth being in Tobi’s position, not even 45 million, especially when people can save your entire begging marathon and show you when you try to form 'hard guy' at any point in the future.

Some fans have suggested that Tobi knows what he's doing, but looking from here, his feebleness does not fit it into any game plan or help him in any way.

Last night’s events must have turned off a host of female fans whose votes are often valuable in determining who stays and who leaves the show.

Can he turn things around? It’s too early to say.

Either way, Tobi has lost his Yoruba demon pass. When he returns from the show, he may have to go to Ife, to the seat of Yoruba civilisation, to get it back.