Big Brother Naija housemate, Tboss, is bringing both fans and haters together on the internet and causing commotion.

It's very funny how people just carry other people's problem and put on their heads. Naijas are just typical "pokenosers" by nature.

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So, Noble Igwe campaigns for Tboss on twitter and of course, he got a response from one of Tboss' haters. Instead of mr Noble Igwe to just waka pass, he decides to reply the tweet. And well, she came back to fire him and her "comeback" tweet was totally hilarious.

Some people applauded her, others on the other hand are on Igwe's side as Tboss' fan. However, some others who are indifferent of Tboss' performance (either she emerges as the winner or not) are just having a great time watching/reading the commotion tweets. A few others are however doing logistics of the money Big Brother is making from the show.