Hannah Foxley, a two-time breast cancer survivor has gone nude on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine as a means to inspire other women across the world. The 35 year old admitted her world came crushing down when she discovered a lump in her breast in April 2012; But with a recent mastectomy, she wants other women to know, "you can still be beautiful" even without some body parts.

Speaking to MailOnline this week, she said, "It was difficult. Losing something that is so key to your femininity, takes a lot of coming to terms with. I was grieving for my father, Bill, who’d died five months earlier, when I found a lump in my breast and was diagnosed with cancer."

According to Euroweb, Hannah had a lumpectomy and eight cycles of gruelling chemotherapy. Then, a week before her treatment was due to end, she found a second cancerous lump. She had a mastectomy, followed by five weeks of radiotherapy. 'It was like being hit by a train. It didn't feel real. Like most young women, I thought I was invincible,' she told the Cosmopolitan.

Now, the lady shows the scars of the first lot of operations. This image was used on a PhD thesis on breast cancer, left, and, right, shows the scars of losing her breast

Reports say, while the treatment was successful, she is still being monitored and is on a waiting list for a reconstruction, which could see her waiting up to twelve months for. Originally she didn't want to consider reconstruction but as time passed, she missed wearing sexy underwear and backless dresses so decided to speak to a plastic surgeon about it.

Speaking after the operation, she said: 'I was worried about how my body would look and how men would react. But I also realised I still had a fit, healthy body. The only thing that had changed was the clothes I could wear.'

She confessed that ten days after her treatment, she quit her high-flying job as a financial planning director and established The Women’s Wealth Expert, a consultancy that provides money advice and support for women, as well as signing up as an ambassador for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Hannah, who has a passion for working out in the gym and weight training, said: 'It’s still a shock every time I look in the mirror and see a breast missing, but I’m proud of my body and what it’s been through - it’s been poisoned, hacked and microwaved, and it’s still looking great.

"I have learnt to love it and adopt a positive body image and I want to empower other women to do the same. I want them to see my pictures and say "she looks beautiful and I can too."