Ekiti State Governor,

In fact,  if an award is to be given to Nigerian governors who goes as far as mixing with the masses, Fayose will take such without batting an eye.

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In the latest of such show, the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governors' Forum, was seen stopping his convoy to buy a local delicacy called Iresi Inu Ewe (local rice cooked and served inside leaves) from a roadside food seller at Moferere area of Ado-Ekiti, the state capital.

Ayo Fayose enjoying his Iresi Inu Ewe

Photo Credit: Lere Olayinka

By the time the Governor left, the food seller got a token of N20,000 for the food worth only N100.

As usual, his Senior Special Assistant on Public Communications & New Media, Lere Olayinka took to the social media put up the photos of the Governor enjoying his meal while his aides look on with great delight and, some will say, a longing to have a taste of the food.

Read what Olayinka wrote on Facebook and Twitter:

"Something for our APC friends to get busy with...

Here is Governor Fayose doing justice to IRESI INU EWE (Rice served in leaves) gotten from a roadside food seller at Moferere area of Ado Ekiti a few minutes ago.

Ayo Fayose gets down to business with his meal

Photo Credit: Lere Olayinka

He ate N100 rice and by the time he was leaving, the food seller got N20,000 for service rendered.

Make una BMC members take the pictures to Utako, Abuja, for una usual analysis. At least, you now have something to keep you busy."

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This is not the first time Governor Fayose has displayed such act of mingling with the locals as he has been pictured taking rides on commercial motorcycles popularly called Okada, eating amala at roadside bukas, enjoying his fresh palm wine with local people or going to the market to buy and sell foodstuff.

Ayo Fayose is really a man of the people

Photo Credit: Lere Olayinka

See the tweet here.