Dont you just hate it when someone old and out of touch does a trending dance or move and sucks the coolness out of it? Yes, I am sure you do.

It's not that older folks can't be cool (take a look at Obama) but you won't see him doing the shmoney dance just to prove to late teenagers and young adults that he is on that new wave.

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has just sucked the fun from dabbing. The Hip-Hop move from Atlanta that took the world by storm in 2016 no longer seems cool after the ex-VP was recorded dabbing with a bunch of students at the American University of Nigeria.

Not only is the politician killing Pogba's favourite move on the pitch, he is also unashamedly pandering to the youth as he begins to lay the foundation for his presidential campaign in 2019.

Atiku has been trying to rule the nation since 2003 but he has been outwitted and outsmarted at every turn. With President Buhari's ratings falling faster than the Naira this could be Atiku's moment to be President. Some Nigerians believe he can do better than the present leader who we all thought would 'change' things.

The journey to Aso Rock is not by dabbing and doing the shoki. During the last election, we were deceived by a sleek social media campaign which have led us to where we are- a recession quicksand worsened by a slow administration.

Abubakar Atiku should leave all the dancing to the entertainers. If he wants young Nigerians to vote for him he should start talking about policies and not practicing for a night at Quilox. We don't need entertainers. We need statesmen that will turn the country around. We are tired of being used.

"If I were the President of Nigeria when Boko Haram erupted, I could have used all means at my disposal to avert it," said the former VP at the American University of Nigeria.

I think this country has hopefully moved beyond empty statements like this. Anyone can make this claim, what we want to know is how this will be achieved. Don't just tell us you want to build roads, tell us how. Don't proclaim that education is going to be free under your government. Lay out the plan and blueprint of how it will be done.

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Young Nigerians are disillusioned with politics because of old politicians promising heaven on earth and doing nothing when they get to office. Hopefully, this time we won't settle for self-appointed youth leaders selling us a candidate that has filled their pockets with money.

Every presidential aspirant including Atiku should be serious about their campaign in 2019. Pandering to the youth would be distasteful and stupid. Nigerians would have suffered long enough under this administration to not be hoodwinked by a dancing politician. We want substance from our politicians and not dance steps.

P.S This is a reminder to the former Vice-President, Hillary Clinton dabbed and still lost.