You can call yourself a billionaire but at the end of the day, do your zeros match your claim?

Ashish Thakkar, 35, once had the record of the youngest billionaire in Africa. Thanks to a messy divorce, it has been revealed that Thakkar isn't a billionaire.

The divorce proceedings have shown that he is not actually worth $1bn. In October 2016, Ashish Thakkar revealed to a family court judge in London that he is worth $541,000. Even if your maths is rusty, you should be able to know that $541,000 is far from $1bn.

He went on to reveal he does not have shares in Mara Group, his African investment group. Presently, his wealth is being assessed before divorce proceedings can continue.

Also, Thakkar's business dealings have not been fairing so well. According to Wall Street Journal, his investments and assets are said to be approximate $30m.

In his defence, Ashish Thakkar has said he has never claimed to be a billionaire. He also stated that firm is owned by his sister and mother.

Thakkar and his family fled Rwanda in  1994 during the genocide. He dropped out of school at 15 and started selling computer parts. According to Bloomberg Business, he is worth $425m.