The lady who is a Sudanese-American author who wrote the controversial book, the ‘Sexiest Part of the Bible,’ who was born Naima Bint Harith, was once involved in a serious scandal some few years ago when she said that Osama actually held her against her will and repeatedly raped her which resulted in a baby boy but close friends of her who knew her with the late terrorist disputed her claims, saying she was actually Osama’s lover and slept with her willingly.

A one-time Sudanese diplomat, Nadeem Quttub, who helped Bin Laden build roads in Sudan, had even told the BBC that

Quttub added that“Kola Boof accepted marriage with Bin Laden, re-converted to Islam and was very happy with the terrorist, but is now trying to save her reputation in the west with fantastical stories of rape and imprisonment.”

Kola Boof took to her Twitter account and gave reasons why gays should kill Christians in Nigeria because of the anti-gay law.

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