After his celebrated is making a comeback by taking on singer Nomoreloss, where they exchanged insults and words that only uncouth touts can engage in.

The mêlée started after Nomoreloss tried to address the ban imposed on certain Nigerian musicians by the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria,BON, and the Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria, IBAN, caused byChief Tony Okoroji led Copyright Society of Nigeria, (COSON).

A fan of Eedris, apparently did not like the tone of Nomoreloss’ address and he accused the singer of standing against Eedris whom he called a ‘true reformist.’

Nomoreloss would not take that and he tweeted that true talents stand the test of time and this must have incensed Eedris and he fired back at Nomoreloss, triggering the tweet war, with Eedris even insulting the others parents and even threatened to beat up Nomoreloss.

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